Powerful Horror Film Lose Weight

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Powerful Horror Film Lose Weight
THE researchers from the University of Westminster recently made research on the amount of energy consumed during the movie.

During the research progresses, they examined the heart rate, oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production and research participants. The participants were then asked to watch television, then the condition of the bodies of the participants were measured again after that.

This study shows, horror movies are able to burn more calories than any other movie. Dr. Richard Mackenzie, cell physiology and metabolism expert from the University of Westminster explained, horror films can increase the heart rate in the human body. As a result, pulse rate and blood flow more quickly, and increase adrenaline.

Daily Telegraph noted, high adrenaline can reduce appetite and speed up metabolism and burn calories faster.

What are the movies that are able to burn calories in the body? The researchers recommend the film The Glow, an adaptation of the Stephen King novel made into a cinema by director Stanley Kubrick. Then the movie Jaws that can burn 161 calories or The Exorcist that can get rid of 158 calories.

Genius Beauty launch, sadistic movies like Saw are also able to lose weight by cutting 133 calories. Or the most recent movie, Paranormal Activity is now entering the fourth part, able to burn 111 calories.

Helen Cowley of the company Lovefilm, claiming that most people have the habit to close his eyes at the sight of creepy scenes. But researchers advise not blink at all in order to continue watching spooky scenes adrenaline rush.

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