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Prayer HemisphereMy Lord the Most Loved, Stand my efforts to heed your heart, mind, speech, and behavior that fluoresce tarikku power - the Host for the best loving care of her the best.

My Lord the Most Gentle, Protect me from the roughness and internal injuries and a fake love affair meliarkan just lust. Save me, and always guard me in the tenderness of your affection

My Lord the Most Prosperous, Please sandingkanlah me with a good life choice, which I'm going to build a family with a healthy, happy, harmonious, and berezeki well.

Lord The Master of Time, Please heed period penantianku for their presence in my life.

When I was ready to be a companion who will honor him, segerakanlah our meeting. If I still did not agree, please help me to hasten pengindahan sincere heart, thought, language, and behavior. God, our marriage bahagiakanlah honest, loyal, prosperous, and happy in a long, healthy life.

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