Printer Care Tips

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Printer Care Tips by Ibrahim
The printer is a device that is currently needed, but unfortunately the printer is very sensitive and easily damaged in the Cartridge. and the price to replace and buy cartridges are very expensive and can be half the price of the printer.

However, do not despair, to slow the breakdown period Cartridge on the printer, you can perform the following tips.

1. Try to print every day

Minimal lit it every day. This allows the ink does not precipitate in the ink cartridge can not be made out. if it has been mengedap, please try soaking the cartridge in warm water until the ink settles out. then cleaned, and the printer can be used again

2. Do not print in large quantities at once

Suppose you print 300 sheets, do not jump to print everything in one time orders. because it can make heat faster Cartridge. you can score 10 or 20 pieces, and then the printer at rest for a while, for 10 or 15 minutes. you just use it again.

3. not too often do the cleaning

This will make the ink to be extravagant, because basically cleaning it suck the ink from cadride.

4. clean the printer regularly

Clean the printer regularly, once a month or once a week. this will prevent the entry of foreign objects such as dust, which can damage the printer.

5. Do not frequently change the brand of ink

This can damage the cadride, because based on my experience, a different brand of ink can make the ink would not interfere.

6. Placement on printer ink infusion

Try to lie parallel to the infusion ink cartridges in your printer, it mencengah leaks or excess ink as lacking balance

7. Be careful to replace the ink

If you do not use the printer cartridges infusion bottle, then I suggest to be careful when refilling ink has run out. try not to be redundant so that cartridges can leak.

Maybe it used to a few tips from me, if you have any tips other useful, please share here.

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