Proving Research, Women's Singles More Stress Than the Married

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Proving Research, Women's Singles More Stress Than the Married
Many people say, marriage can be stressful. Especially if you already have children, take care of your child, husband, and home at the same time can make women vulnerable to depression. Is this true?

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, conducted research involving more than 6,000 women, whether married, single, or living with a partner without marriage.

Research shows that married waniat depression risk is much lower than women who are still single. They also proved to be happier than couples without marriage.

Lead researcher, Dr. Marcelo Urquia explained, the greatest source of stress experienced by the women in a relationship 'domestic partnership' aka live under the same roof without marriage is the possibility of physical violence or dependence on illicit drugs. But the risk is becoming less and less, until eventually stress levels plummeted after marriage.

"We do not see any possible problems that the women who are married, their chances are lower psychosocial problems. It deals with how long their relationship with a partner, "said Urquia as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Stress levels are up 20% in couples without marriage and 35% in women who are 'singles'. Tragically, stress rate soared to 67% in women who had been separated from her partner.

"We do not advise people to rush to marry, because it's their choice. But the results of this study showed that marriage has a positive role in psychosocial development, "said Urquia.

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