Research Proving, brown-eyed people More Trustworthy

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Research Proving, brown-eyed people More Trustworthy
THE Researchers from Charles University, Czech Republic, has recently made a study to prove who the most reliable.

Research is mentioned, people with brown eyes have an advantage from people with other colors, which can hold beliefs better. This conclusion is drawn from research involving a number of participants who were asked to rate their level of trust someone just seen from his face. Genius Beauty noted, about 60% of participants chose the ones with brown eyes as a trustworthy person.

To reexamine the results of this research, the researchers repeated a way to show the face of the same person, but with different eye colors. The result remains the same, the participants still choose the people with brown eyes as the most trustworthy.

According to Karel Kleisner head of research, people with brown eyes was awarded a high confidence, that's why they could accept responsibility well. Not only that, people with type faces that are considered easy to believe it has an average brown eyes.

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