Research Proving, Senile Brain Start at Age 30

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Research Proving, Senile Brain Start at Age 30Many people argue, memory and brain performance quality began to decline at the age of five head. In fact, according to recent research, the brain memory loss begins at age 30.

In an online poll by a UK site, 10 percent of poll participants admitted losing a memory brain at age 40, 6 percent of them are even starting to feel senile at the age of 30.

This survey also showed people over 50 years of experience fear due to memory loss and many of them began to panic as senile.

This condition is indicated by the frequency they forget simple things, like forgetting to put the objects or the name of a person, 37 percent of respondents admitted to often forget the name of a person, 19 percent always forget where to put keys and glasses. Some of them even once or often leaves a spouse or child in a public place.

According to the researchers was quoted as saying GeniusBeauty, memory loss conditions can be improved medically or with a particular therapy, this therapy can be done in simple ways, such as filling out crossword puzzles, sudoku, or puzzle. Helping your child with homework can also be a therapeutic memory improvement.

In this research, 92 percent of respondents over age 50 maintain brain performance and memory to remain active by learning new things. These conditions make them more productive in daily routines.

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