Secrets of Ibrahim Lubis as a Writer

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Ibrahim Lubis is a person who is always optimistic in their duty. before becoming an active writer, formerly ibrahim Lubis just an ordinary student with activities that are always busy with papers only. but as time progresses, ibrahim lubis finally decided to become an active writer and the writing of works dedicated to the readers and the paper will be distributed via a website or blog.

Secrets of Ibrahim Lubis as a Writer
Writing a work that was born from the idea ibrahim is a paper that aims to help those who need it. a real writer has long dreamed of Ibrahim, but because of his work, the results of recent writings published in 2011 until now.

Is ibrahim lubis success with his writing? answer if asked him then the answer yet, but the core of interest ibrahim for writing is a form of concern about science, because according to Ibrahim that science is a science that should be owned by people, because without knowledge, then people will always be in ignorance.

one way to apply the science is to dedicate our ability to write and because that is ibrahim doing it. I hope by reading this article, then we raised awareness and provide motivation specifically for those who do not love the culture of writing. and know that by writing, then you have succeeded as a bit of knowledge to contribute to those who need it.

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