Shortness of breath is a symptom of polyps

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Shortness of breath is a symptom of polyps
You feel the nose is often clogged in the long term? If so, get to the doctor. Therefore, these early symptoms of polyps. Polyps are hydropic degeneration of the nasal mucosal cells so that the cells become swollen and clump together or form a lump that grew increasingly larger. '' If it is so, the patient will have difficulty breathing air,'' explained Hanggoro Sapto SP, a specialist ear, nose, and throat (ENT).

Hanggora said, there are basically three causes of this disease arises. First, an infection in the nasal cavity are chronic. Secondly, one form nostril narrowing. Finally, the patient is allergic to dust. '' If nasal polyps are exposed to light and not treated properly, can be severe,'' he said. However, continued Hanggoro, there are some patients who suffer from polyps coming and thought, but just the flu. '' Physically, the characteristics of polyps are pale white like a fro, the visible surface slick due to the presence of mucus. And do not bleed easily because polyps do not have blood vessels,'' he said.

Some effects of this disease to other parts of the body is buzzing and the ears may feel full inside. Throat feels much mucus as production increases due to polyps. Tip to do if it turns out you have polyps in the nasal cavity, among other things, banned drinking and eating which is cool because polyps can swell when exposed to cold. And also do not often move the night because the air is too cold.

If the polyp is still small, the solution is to use a topical medication or nasal spray useful to suppress or destroy cells polyps. But if a polyp is enlarged, the last solution is surgery.

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