Smart People Happier Life, Believe?

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Smart People Happier Life. Believe?
Besides easy accomplishment, what else can be achieved by people with kamampuan brilliant brain?

According to researchers at University College London, the people who have intelligence above average proved to be happier life. This conclusion was derived from a study involving nearly 7,000 office workers.

Research participants who had an IQ of 120-129 levels claimed to be dissatisfied with life lived everyday. People with an IQ of 70-79 claims often complain about the failure and sadness experienced. Conversely, participants with an IQ above 129, or 43% of all respondents felt not only happy, but very happy with his life.

As quoted Genius Beauty, the researchers explained, the perception of people depend on the income level and social status. High positions in the world of work enables one to achieve income and high social status. While people with low IQ difficult to obtain a high position in his work, so that the level of income and social status were difficult jacked.

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