Specify the Target of Earning Money Without Working

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Rewarding savoring the success
(Specify the target of earning money without working)
By: Ibrahim Lubis, MA 

My debate with some friends very stressful at the time, they said "we must continue to work if you want to earn money and be successful if you have a lot of money". Initially I accept it, but at this point I do not agree, because it was I proved that success can be achieved without the work, but not without effort "Remember without work".

Again, the virtual world has been an inspiration for me today, first facebook for me just to be sharing media, find friends and add familiarity, but it turns out after I thought and reflection, facebook seems a virtual world facility that promises us to be a to make it as successful mediation in finding money.

The main target is how can I as the founder of Facebook, which initially looks normal, but who would have thought at this time to be one of the facebook site and earn the highest ratings are huge.

Specify the Target of Earning Money Without Working
although I can not be like the founder of facebook, at least I should make myself have been a member of facebook to generate dollars in various ways. (Remember.,,, looks absurd, but for right brain thinkers, nothing is impossible)

After Facebook, the second target in my mind is a blog or website, and the website that I choose not paid but a free website,. Why???

If the web site is clearly evident paid to sell, both in terms of domain and domain names that are well known, such as com, net, org and others. many people assume that a free blog to blog underestimated, can not produce, even if it is difficult and can be very little chance for it, but remember, ... My goal is to create a free website Google company.

I could not be successful as Larry Page (Google founders), but Target are and how I was able to be successful without working but trying to use google as mediation.

Blogspot is a stock google (Children Bladder Google) are provided free of charge for us who want to become members. not only that, Google provides income for sure if we are the sales that have trusted google to advertise through blogs that we have.

do not ask or rupiah value we can generate, remember, ... The goal is how we can take advantage of the success of Google, one of the best and easiest way is to be owned by google adsense publisher.

Do not easily let go and not wait, because Google itself does not immediately become a big company with the best quality search engine today, gradually but surely, and I achieved a dream (Do not ask Google Earnings per day and how many people visit Google in a day).

A dream come true because they want to realize the target, now my first blog as a blog does not mean, it has had without me having to work and sweat (Remember, .. Trying before), but as I said we have no targets. Therefore, if you want to be successful decide your target right now, anyone ... anyone can (for proof see from my website)

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