Strengthen linkages Fathers and Sons

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Strengthen linkages Fathers and Sons (Need Mind, Power and Patience)
Father earn a living outside the home. Mothers raising children and a kitchen queen. Once the system of division of labor in your household?

What is wrong? No. But that does not mean the father could take responsibility for the care of children for granted. The problem faced by the majority of the fathers, used to spend time working outside the home. These conditions created a "distance" between the head of the family and the baby. Tired of working from Monday to Friday plus the pressure of dealing with clients, it is coupled with the obligation to make time to play with the "client" in the little house.

"Saturday Sunday he thinks is me time. Apparently having to share time with the child. The mindset is wrong is when assembled with the children, who are the father of the game must obey. In fact, the father who should adapt to the child's agenda. Compromise with the agenda of child's play, "says psychologist Dr. Rose Mini Adi P MPsi (52), met on Wednesday (26/9) in South Jakarta.

This mindset domino effect long term. Moreover, if the father has a "tradition" to bring the unfinished office work to home. Instead of providing for a child at home, my father actually serve computer folding. If you have this, the father usually take shortcuts. So that the baby does not whine and disturbing seriousness with laptop, father gives whatever is asked of children.

"Importantly, children fussy baseball, baseball dad disturb concentration and laptops. So, anything that the child obeyed. It gives some negative effects. First, the child feels when asked dad, whatever surely obeyed. If the mother's request to not be obeyed. Finally, the child's father thinks he can get a lot of things. Not with the mother, "said Romi, so this one psychologist called.

In the end if she does not comply, the child complained to the father. As a result formed a double standard: mother rarely gave the father always gave. Other harm, the principle of "an important child does not fuss" long form nature of spoiled children. Over time, the image of a father who later formed in the eyes of the child's father is always busy, no time, and just give.

Sometimes, to kill the guilt rarely have free time for children, the father drove the child to the mall regularly. Effective? Not necessarily. When a trip to the shopping center, what to look for second generation is not necessarily the same. That often happens, usually the father was busy sorting-choose shirts, bags and pants at the boutiques. While the happiness of children "delegated" to the mother or the babysitter. The question that arises then, where his quality time?

Mal is not 100 percent effective way to awaken the inner coherence father and son. "If you eat at any restaurant, child and family surrounded by family or other mall visitors he did not know. The time assembled in the restaurant is also limited. Desk chairs they used to use another customer. In the end, they are less free to dine and share stories, "he warned Romi. However, occasionally mejeng to the mall is not wrong.

So where and how the father-son quality time can be built? At home. Create a holiday atmosphere warm or get a kid at home. Some simple activities that can be done with whiz ciliknya father, including car washing or cooking together.
"My father took the child to share the task. The little squirt the water hose to the area and wiped wheels can. High child may only be able to reach the area of car tires. While dad clean the windows, "Romi an example.

Do not forget to give a time limit for a child to contact with water and soap. Duration 10 to 15 minutes is enough. After that take her bath and body dry to avoid colds. Completion car wash can be done afterwards. Meanwhile, the mother cooking in the kitchen and spread the mat in the garden or family room. Serve snacks on a mat like being outing. Eating together at home can be a cheap option.

Other activities can be conducted with the mother in the kitchen. Cooking cakes from simple recipes. Mother prepared concoction. Father teaches son whisk eggs, giving credence sprinkled meses, cheese, or beans on it.

"Three things must have father when the child was playing with the mind, energy, and patience. Remember, children never asked was born into the world. You and your wife are present in the world who wants it. So do these activities with pleasure. Much fun when you welcome his first cry in the world, "explained psychologist born April 24.

Being a father of a lifetime responsibility. No school to be a good father and certified. The only school dad yes ... in your own home with his wife. The principle is important is not the quantity but the quality is also not 100 percent correct. "If you can make physical contact with the child. Giving hugs, reading fairy tales every night, why limit yourself just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? "He concluded.

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