Stroke Disease

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Stroke disease
In the view of most people, a stroke is sudden death. Stroke is actually passing through various processes: First, the patient suffered from persistent headaches, then fell and blacked out for a moment, and slid down but did not get up again.

Although some people are lucky not to die, but the rest of his life can not be separated from total paralysis, although medical science has now shown that patients who are paralyzed are no longer as in the past.

There are two types of stroke

1. Cerebral hemorrhage, particularly: the outbreak of the arteries in the brain
2. Another type is the blood supply to the brain is blocked by a blood clot or embolism of certain arteries, blood can not transport into cells with a normal brain.

Brain tissue can supply enough oxygenated blood, survival time in any case exceed a few minutes. Unlike the skin, no recovery capacity, so when the blood supply to the brain is problematic setting the whole movement and the importance of the functional activities of the center will be paralyzed body.

Rupture of an artery causing paralysis. When the rupture of an artery, blood flow to the brain so swift in jarigan invasion and later suffered an injury that can cause paralysis. The severity of paralysis in the area of ​​the brain is determined by the level of offense and regional left brain damaged when the muscles of the body would be paralyzed right hand, because the nerves that descend from the brain previously overlapping cross.

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