Stroke Prevention

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Stroke Prevention
To be able to stroke prevention course we have to know the cause of the stroke. Most risk factors are hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, vascular stiffness and cardiovascular disease. Stroke prevention can be done by running a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy diet, not smoking, regular exercise, keeping weight and stress control. The pattern is consistent with the behavior prevention yoga life, so it is not possible to say that yoga can prevent stroke. For post-stroke rehabilitation, to do pranayama and asana practice lightly. Undergoing a healthy diet and meditation are also very useful.

The principle of treatment or management of stroke is supotif pasein of helping dlaam reduce the area of ​​brain damage that has occurred and the widespread prevent damage brain due to ischemia or hemorrhage.

Handling or management, and prevention of stroke patients can be applied to the following steps:

1. Gambit

- Airway

Exempt the patient's airway. This serves to ensure oxygen into the body of the patient, especially in patients with decreased consciousness. The patient was immediately placed supine position, eher on objections to hperekstensi maximum.

- Breathing

If the patient is not breathing Atua terjadihenti oxygen breathing then given 4 liters / min through the nose. If there is no oxygen could be assisted breaths of mouth-to-mouth. kerumaha patient was immediately taken to hospital as soon as possible to get help.

- Circulation

At the hospital, the things above are also performed. Improved circulation and perfusion to the brain by way of maintaining heart and blood pressure was also performed. ECG monitoring done in the first 24 hours and the patient immediately infused circuitry NaCl 0.9%.

2. The second step

Conduct an assessment of neurological deficits by considering how severe neurological disorder that occurs and whether the neurological disorder is still going to get worse or better.

3. The third step

Determine what type of stroke by scoring assessments and investigations.

4. The fourth step

Step keenpat a supportive management. This is done so that the patient's physical condition rapidly improved. For example, head elevation 30 ◦ to reduce the increased intracranial pressure, the patient's body inverted to prevent pressure sores on his back and waist. In addition to blood pressure control is done continuously. Control of blood sugar levels, cholesterol and heart function is always performed and supervised in the first 48 hours of stroke.

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