Stroke Therapy

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Stroke Therapy
Stroke is a disorder of brain function caused by blood flow to the brain is impaired (reduced). As a result, nutrients and oxygen to the brain dbutuhkan not fulfilled. Cause there are two kinds of strokes, namely the existence of blockages in blood vessels (thrombus), and the blood vessels that pecah.Umumnya stroke suffered by the elderly, because the aging process causes hardening and narrowing of blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and the presence of fats that clog arteries ( atherosclerosis). But some recent cases show an increase in cases of stroke that occurs in adolescence and childbearing age (15-40 years). In this group, stroke is the leading cause of stress, drug abuse, alcohol, hereditary factors and unhealthy lifestyle.

Other causes of stroke is a food with high levels of bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) is very high. Cholesterol is abundant in junk food, or fast food. In addition, other causes of stroke is a lazy habit of exercising and moving, lots of drinking, smoking, use of narcotic and addictive substances, much less rest time, and prolonged stress. Rupture of blood vessels are also often caused by high blood pressure (hypertension).

Some of the symptoms of stroke vary depending on the perceived initial gejal in patients with stroke. Common symptoms of stroke are:

1. Numbness or sudden death missing on the face, hands, and feet
2. Confusion as someone who lost their sight, it becomes difficult berbicar or talk pelo.
3. In some stroke patients there is a loss of vision of one eye or the eye is called the stroke.
4. Suddenly having a difficulty walking and loss of balance.

Patients with stroke can generally be treated either by medical treatment or by stroke therapy suggested or recommended by a neurologist. Rehabilitation of stroke patients usually involves physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. In modern medicine, massage therapy is rarely performed as a treatment option. However, some healers claim to rehabilitate post-stroke patients to be normal again. Scientifically, I have found no solid evidence of the direct effect of massage on patients with post-stroke. Medical experts disagree about its benefits.

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