Suffer Post-Stroke

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Suffer Post-Stroke
Already Falling Stairs crushed, maxim that is appropriate for people with stroke. After a stroke, brain cells die and the hematoma that forms will be absorbed back gradually. This natural process is completed within 3 months. At the time, 1/3 of the survivors become dependent and may develop complications that can cause death or disability

There are an estimated 500,000 people affected by stroke. Of this amount:
1/3 -> can be restored,
1/3 -> experienced mild to moderate functional impairment,
1/3 remaining -> suffered severe functional impairment requiring continuous patient in bed.

Only 10-15% of stroke patients can return to normal life as usual, the rest have disabilities, so that many stroke patients suffer from disabilities caused by stress after a stroke attack.

Due to other Stroke:

80% reduction in partial / total movement of arms and legs.
80-90% of problems in thinking and remembering.
70% suffer from depression.
30% have difficulty talking, swallowing, distinguish right and left.

Stroke is no longer just attacking the elderly, However now tend to attack the young generation who are still productive. Stroke is also no longer belong to the affluent city residents, but also experienced by rural residents living with all-limitations.

This will affect the lower level of productivity and can lead to disruption of socio-economic families. In addition because of the cost of treatment of post-stroke, also suffered a stroke which is the backbone of the family are usually less maintain a healthy lifestyle, due to the crowded bustle.

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