Survey Proves, Facebook Users More Wasteful of

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Survey Proves, Facebook Users More Wasteful of
FACEBOOK improve self-esteem, a negative impact on the ability to make decisions and judgments about something.

Thus presented Andrew Stephen, professor of the University of Pittsburgh and Keith Wilcox, professor of Columbia University.

Which boosted confidence also impacted decreased ability to control themselves, especially set negative behaviors such as managing finances.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Monday (12/11), the researchers found a correlation between the use of Facebook and wasteful behavior after conducting a survey of 541 users of Facebook.

The average Facebook users access the social network Mark Zuckerberg made it at least eight hours a month. Most users access Facebook because they feel bored.

Although just eliminate boredom, they still felt the need to form a perfect imaging with Facebook profiles in order to make other people who see it in awe. This is what triggers an increase in the confidence of the users of Facebook.

For the "Facebook-addict", there are other negative impacts that must be faced. Facebook addiction makes them difficult to control yourself, including controlling how much time should be spent to explore the virtual world.

This negative effect persists in real life, where they are difficult to set spending, so it becomes more extravagant. Less able to control themselves coupled with increased confidence that can exacerbate wasteful behavior.

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