Symptoms of Stroke

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Symptoms of Stroke
Before the stroke, many patients will have a few days of headaches, dizziness mixed with hands and feet as dead nerves, vomiting, tinnitus, however, it is probably only a few minutes before the stroke occurred. If a person suffers a stroke, she suddenly lost consciousness, but before he collapsed, usually complain that they feel a very severe headache. His face may be waxy white, but in most cases, tend to be colored face flushed and breathing difficulties. Mouth open with the urge to breathe.

At this point, it is always to be found some paralysis, for example: the eyeball slightly sluggish, shrink, cheeks slightly asymmetrical, or stiff limbs, or one side of the hands and feet dangling. As for the brain because of blood clots, blood can not flow, causing a stroke. Once the patient regained consciousness, will find the hands and feet, even next to the hands and feet can not be controlled, mungkiin, suddenly find it very difficult to speak, is more a sort of difficulties that can not be described. At the same time, it will gradually decreased consciousness.

If someone suddenly had a stroke, first aid thing to do is contact your doctor, before the arrival of the doctor, very gently lay the patient supine on a pillow or fold clothes to cushion head and shoulders. Then loosen his shirt buttons, so I can be more comfortable. Also, do not try to wake the patient or to slowly led her upstairs to bed, because even very subtle little touches, will make bleeding more. Bleeding sedkitpun will experience a mild stroke. There are some very mild stroke, can be called a mini-stroke. Patients in particular will not feel anything wrong happens, because it has bleeding on the brain in very small quantities. Sometimes minor stroke can cause changes in the character. For example, those who used to have a sharp memory, can suddenly forget a lot of things, people always remember be careful of neatness, will suddenly lose his taste, people who are usually very friendly and may become angry, often at odds with the others just because of trivial matters. Small punch did not cause serious consequences, but these signs should be aware of, consultation with a doctor what is best for him for medical treatment, so that it can minimize the occurrence of more serious oatk damage in these patients.

Approximately two-thirds of strokes occur without any warning, a third is showing signs peringaran, including TIA. Names call an ambulance immediately if you or anyone else experience any of the following symptoms (especially if there is a sudden):
  • The loss of strength at one part of the body, especially on one side, including the face, arm, or leg.
  • Numbness (loss of sensation) or other disuatu loazim sensation of the body, especially if only on one side.
  • Total or partial loss of vision on one side.
  • Not able berbicaea properly or understand the language.
  • Loss balance, stood steady, or falling without cause.
  • Attacks while other types, such as vertigo, dizziness shaking, difficulty swallowing, acute confusion, or memory disorders.
  • Too severe headache, sudden or unusual character, including changes in headache pattern that can not be explained.
  • The change in consciousness that can not be explained or seizures.
These warning signs may occur alone or in various combinations. Symptoms of a stroke may settle a few seconds (a typical TIA) or up to 24 hours (an atypical TIA, severe) and may occur only once a day or recurring. By definition, during the first 24 hours after symptoms appear may not be sure whether the symptoms are caused by a TIA or stroke. Even if it was a TIA, the symptoms may indicate cerebral blood flow problems that had been hidden that if ignored, can lead to stroke, so do not delay to go for treatment.

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