Teach children Caring for Pets

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Teach children Caring for Pets
Small SI whine ask buy a pet, but you are not sure the child is ready to take care, including bathing and feeding? In order for the baby to learn responsibility for their pets, teach some important things like the following.

1. feeding

Feeding is visible light, most kids usually like to feed the animals. But if not controlled, might be the Doggy overeating. The results are also susceptible pets are overweight and lazy to move. To prevent this, teach your child about proper dosing in animal feed. Put pet food in small containers in accordance with a portion of a meal. Teach your child to only eat as much of the container, nothing more and nothing less.

You also need to make a meal schedule for the animal and put it in places that are easy to see that the child knows when to feed the pets.

2. Clean the dirt

Well, the task is quite heavy for the little guy. Always nomorsatukan hygiene when cleaning the dung. Use gloves and a face mask when cleaning cages and animal waste, and do not forget to wash your hands with soap afterwards. For this one task, parents should supervise.

3. beauty care

Certain animals not only need to be bathed only. Some types of animals need to be taken to the pet salon that still looks pretty and cute. Encourage your child to accompany their pets in pet salon or pick out a cute outfit special cat or dog.

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