Teaching Nonviolence

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Teaching Nonviolence
Students are input in a process of education. They Like the 'raw material' to be processed into quality output, ie a human being is capable of building the nation. They are the future leaders of the future, so they have to put up with the educational process berrkualitas.

However, lately the quality of education it is difficult to be realized. The students should be entitled to a comfortable and quality education, but instead they get an education instead of education were hard laiknya soldiers. Slaps, punches, kicks, and other physical violence is sometimes accepted by the students of teachers. Violence like this is almost always the case at various levels and types of education.

Violence against students often caused because the teachers are impatient and can not determine the appropriate method in dealing with the behavior of students who are still difficult to be invited disiplin.Terlambat go to class, do not do the work of the teacher, the teacher did not obey orders, not paying attention during a lesson, and cases of indiscipline other GCC students often make teachers imposing harsh to their students, such as slapping, hitting with the hand or a hard object, throwing a hard object, kicking, and others.

Violence such as this in addition to causing the child suffered physical pain, but also the psychological impact on children. They will be traumatized and afraid to learn by teachers who commit violence. In fact, children can also afraid to go to school. Physical impacts will be easily cured, was taken to hospital with possible one week will heal, but the psychological impact will be very difficult to cure and take a while to restore psychological state.

Teaching NonviolenceThe method of punishment is very necessary to teach the values of discipline. Punishment is also very good to cultivate a sense of obedience and respect from students to teachers, as well as deterrent for students who violate the rules. But the punishment should not be intended to vent the emotions of teachers to students, punishment must be associated with the educational process.

Punishment to the students to consider the physical and psychological state of the learner and educational goals to be achieved, for example, students who are late to class must menyapi entire classroom or cleaning toilets, students who do not do the work dineri many more other tasks. Punishments that consider the student and educational purposes will make the learning process more effective.

But prior to the sentencing, the teacher should appear as a private figure menyenagkan for students. Teachers should be able to play doubles, which is to become an educator as well as a friend of the students. Teachers must have special tricks in teaching and hanging out with the students, so the students always look forward to the presence of the teacher in the classroom. Thus, the learning process will run more comfortable and conducive.

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