The concept of On Value and Learning

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The concept of On Value and Learning
The concept of value is discussed in an earlier paper. Value means that the price given by a person or group of people of something (material, immaterial, personal, conditional) or to the identity of something.

Value is of interest to us, something we were looking for, something that happy, something she likes and wants, in short something good. Thus the value of a quality that covers a very broad field in this concept is the moral, ethical and moral because the value associated with the movement or behavior considered as the goal of human life.

Dynamically, learned the value of the social product and is slowly internalized by individuals and accepted as belonging together in a group. Value conclusion has fundamental consequences even more value on science and technology.

Learning is an attempt to educate the students, in the sense that the definitions contained in the existing learning activities to choose, establish and develop optimal methods or strategies to achieve the desired learning outcomes in certain conditions. Then learning also implies a general pattern of teacher-student actions in the teaching and learning activities embodiment the frame of reference for understanding lebh good.

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