The Mystery Behind Games Jelangkung

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Do you know what is actually Jelangkung it? For us who live in Indonesia that is still thick with the occult, I think it is not something that sounds foreign to our ears. Even among us have played in our time at school using stationery (term) to ask or predict anything. But despite it all, it's actually what's jalangkung?

Jelangkung wooden doll is a game full of supernatural where the players call or invite spirits or ghosts to come. jaelangkung is a legacy game where our ancestors first jaelangkung is the first game was very popular with the people first because it will be full of spiritual powers.

Usually the game is played by four 3 people 'ie people who took / carrying dolls jelangkung, who cast a spell, and the people who prepare for stationery. This game is mostly done in a haunted place and at night, usually between 10 pm and above.

Jaelangkung game is very dangerous for ordinary people do not understand the nature and the supernatural, because usually people who play this game will be affected by this game, usually people who play jelangkung be possessed by the ghosts of last jelangkung aka "Trance" even terrorized by jelangkung ghosts, then we appeal to people who like to play this game but that would lay unseen world, and just to get rid of curiosity, I suggest better not!, because it is very dangerous to your own.

I deliberately spell under postingkan but I was not cut because it might be ancient spell backfire! Make plus-plus mystical insight for friends alone.

As one caller spells jaelangkung Javanese version of the following:

"Hong ... (...) ... ilaheng, heh universe alusan spirit haunts, jaelangkung jaelengsat siro (...), Kene ning ono (...), siro (...) angslupo, yen siro jug (...) wenehono tondo, (...), Hayo enggalo pot ... behold Ndang angslupo (...). "

Jaelangkung is a magical creature who can answer any questions the players. It is not certain how the depiction of jaelangkung, he how and what, because "words or spell" caller jaelangkung, signaled that anyone "demons or ghosts" who was "passing" are invited to participate in the game and is expected to answer questions jaelangkung the questions raised by the players who play the game jaelangkung.

I never played it using stationery (term) to ask or predict anything. and this is a game that is growing in these areas, especially in the island of Java, which are generally formerly played in the villages using scarecrows to call the spirits, so the spirits of the "entry" into it.

The game is usually played in a gang at the bright moon, and when the soul comes he will introduce himself and talk with the help of stationery. The questions posed posed very diverse, including the name of the spirit, what year he died and the cause of his death. It is often also used to determine the fortunes of the future (although certainly not the truth).

The game is pretty simple when only using the term by drawing a circle complete with letters of the alphabet are illustrated in the paper, and to the accompaniment of a simple song (maybe this is the mantra callers), all of this is a condition that jelangkung be present in our midst.

After Jalangkung it comes, then we can ask whatever we want and he will respond by using the tools we provide. But keep in mind that does not mean this is a game that is NOT dangerous, where this game should not be done by any, because we sometimes have to meet the demand Jalangkung as her home back to somewhere or other that he wants and if we do not comply, then usually Jaelangkung be angry and could create new problems for the callers.

Never played it or not, at least we know the game jelangkung. The above quote was certainly no stranger anyway. Strands can be said these words as a mantra to invoke a supernatural being in the game jelangkung. These words were spoken many times that delicate creatures really come.

Jelangkung game itself is a game that tried to summon supernatural beings to enter into dolls or objects that resemble the puppets. After the spirits entered the body, usually the player will ask things he wanted to know, especially about the future.

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