There's Even More Have Our Potential Indonesia

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There's Even More Have Our Potential Indonesia
A friend expressed anguish this afternoon, regarding the success of our neighboring country in producing traditional herbal medicine in modern Indonesia, and is working on a strategy to market a 'return' to Indonesia. They send 'scouts' to learn the formulas and raw materials for traditional herbal medicine in all parts of Indonesia that has been celebrated for centuries by traditional treatment effectiveness. With good research, they developed the production process and modern packaging and commensurate with the quality and appearance of modern medicine to another.

Hmm ... is it wrong for other countries managed to modernize the cultural and intellectual wealth of our traditional and marketed it as 'product' they are, if we do not do a comparable? Whether we can still feel entitled to retain the inheritance of our fathers, we are living with an attitude of flow only, while others can develop it into a modern business wealth in the world of marketing arena?

Or are we too busy fighting between school, university, between RT and villages, and between political parties? Or is it because our leaders are busy with the strife of intrigue and deception entirely penyejahteraan nothing to do with the people? Or would we have been so blinded by the thirst for money and position allowing the theft of public money? Or do we have to lose respect for the institution of marriage and family? Or do we just masked face pious ruse to cover up the theft congregation?

If people do not feel concerned about the state of our nation and people lately, maybe it's because he's not paying attention, or because she was numb.

Let us assert ourselves, to not elect leaders, officials, and representatives of the people are not honest. Choose honest people who can not afford to pay you to shake, but the firm, who are good, who are free from sin and lies ketegasannya hostage.

Let us begin with the development of Indonesia honestly does not make a liar and a thief as a regulator of the life of many people. May God puts souls good and trustful as a leader, manager and stylist for the entire life of a great nation and a true noble.

If indeed there is no possibility of a better, may God take over the leadership of this nation directly - through his representatives that are not domiciled but influential, but that does not affect rank, which will not be entitled and authorized but obeyed.

Everything, that we should be sanctioned for a peaceful society, intelligent, productive, prosperous, harmonious, mutually ennobling, and that the name of Indonesia.

From Mario Teguh

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