Time is Money

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Time is Money
Time is money, Such a saying how precious time. But if you have to choose what is more valuable, money or time? we might get a different answer from each person. Someone who minded rich will appreciate time than money, and instead someone who minded poor value money more than time.

Let's say a trip from Jakarta field that can be reached with a time of 2 hours by plane at a cost of 1 million to 2 million dollars. Another option is to use the train or bus with a much cheaper cost may be up to 600 thousand, but the travel time to 3 days.

Those who choose to use the bus or train from Medan to Jakarta with the aim of saving, may have to accept the fact that it did not save if in the end have to sacrifice a lot longer. Must stay in advance, coupled with tiredness and fatigue on the way, it could be up in Jakarta could not immediately move, and this means that the time it takes a lot longer true.

What can be generated with saving 500 thousand dollars? What could be generated by saving 2 day trip? Which is bigger? Rich minded people will have more time saving ideas Utilizing a 2 day trip, to make more money than 500 thousand dollars. Poor minded people will see savings of 2 days is nothing more valuable than money 500 thousand more efficient.

Another example can be seen in the ATM queue. Sometimes we see one or two ATM with a very long queue, but there is another ATM beside it, with almost no queues. There are more than willing to queue for 15 minutes just to withdraw money at an ATM with a very long queue. But there are willing to cut costs 3 or 5 thousand dollars to shift to the next ATM without having to queue.

Rich minded people will see a lot of ideas to make the most 15 minutes to produce more than five thousand dollars. Poor minded people would see five thousand dollars is too precious to be exchanged with 15 minutes of time he had.

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