Tips Achieve Great Success

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Tips Achieve Great Success
Great optimism. As explanation, we should use as the ultimate weapon in the achievements of others who have not been achieved. A feat that would give inpirasi to all men of all time. 

A feat that will be immortalized and difficult history is repeated for the second time. There are three recipes that we can do to achieve such success.

First, dream the impossible by others

Dream big things, for others it was virtually impossible (impossible). Do not be afraid! Because dreams can come hope and strength. Humans who have hope will bring great power to make it happen come true. If we want to gain spectacular success, dream on, dream to achieve something elusive to others.

Dreams are a source of energy. Dreams are also the source of imagination. People who dream of a portrait of the future, remember that life means there is a long process to go through. Surely between stages one and the other can not be separated. Interrelated to achieve a desirable level.

We shoot extraordinary people, like Imam Shafi'i, Imam Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, and others. What if we arrive at the scientific level as they were, where his thoughts until now still under a lot of people, his works are studied and developed in the East and West.

Mustahilkah dream? No! Absolutely not. They are a remarkable person who contributed to human civilization because of his hard work in developing the fullest potential. They aspire to be in the forefront in the development of science.

Do not think only inside the box, which is living with the dull routine. Thinking inside the box, for example, when graduate school, what job, get married when, when to have their own home, like any business, and so forth.

The people who think it would be such a small little guy anyway, because there is no great future in his dreams. He will be remembered for most people who do not contribute magnitude in human history. We will not be possible to make big changes if we only focused mindset inside the box only.

Start dreaming of great things. If you will do something, you will be dream (if you want to do something, you have to dream). If there's will, there's a way (where there is a will, there is a way).

Second, think of something that other people do not believe

By thinking of things that are not possible to achieve in life, our lives will be full of vitality, mobility, and lifelong creativity. Living with the announced target, making our ability honed and grown substantially over time. Life does not contain a rah-rah, dissipate, and obey only kenginan lust. Life is full of activity, busyness, usefulness, benefit, and success to ourselves and others around us.

Who would believe that the Prophet Muhammad was able to conjure a civilization centralized, hegemonic, and absolutely be a new civilization that honors the religious, welfare, equality, justice, humanity, and moral grandeur. However, the cost to be paid he is very expensive. He was abused, insulted, despised, insulted, harassed, and even be killed. This is the risk that requires courage, determination, perseverance, persistence, and consistency.

He had cleverly attract public sympathy, worked hard to prepare the cadres of the future, and lead a revolutionary change successfully. When he approached the success, the people who once hated, abused, insulted, and even to kill him to his knees in front of him. That's the kind of success that the Prophet demonstrated to us. Herein lies the key to the magic, majesty, greatness and immortality.

Therefore, let's dream to reach something that other people would not believe. Thinking here means tehapan-stage plan that we must live as a bridge systematically achieve great success in the future, in accordance with our big dreams.

Third, do not say "NO" for an answer

We must never say "no" to answer the great things, to achieve great success and glory in the future. Do not ever hesitate, falter, and anxiety. Do not make us mentally down, backwards, and lost the spirit of competition to grab interpretation.

Say "YES!" and rest assured that we are able to reach it. Something had to be tried and tested. If you think you can, you can (if you think you can, you certainly can). Never pessimistic and judge ourselves with something negative, such as weakness, always fails, and so on. There is a saying, "failure is success delayed". Do not let us think that if we fail then success will be difficult, if not we will achieve.

By saying "yes!" it will be a stimulus to encourage mentally do the best, the highest, and strongest in our ability to explore and elaborate. We will come to know the level of the maximum capacity of our own minds. So from there, we will increase the power again reasonable to create techniques, methods, and systems can mempersepat process. Announced target can perform well and satisfy the qualitative and quantitative.

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