Ugly women better than pretty

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Ugly women better than prettyFor you men who are alone and exhausted in the search for your soul mate, listen to this ...Stop your target to get a beautiful woman in your pleasures. Try to open the eyes of your heart for a beautiful woman in the sight of God, and you will see a lot of true beauty simple woman, that is a glowing appeal from a pure heart and a good mind.
Beautiful woman in the simple, is a real beautiful woman

Marriage to a woman's choice is longer than the capacity of the powder and mascara sticking anything. You do not need a new beauty, a woman who appeared after the long and grueling ornate.

All you need is an honest woman of peace on his face when sleeping, the eyes wide face the usual festive welcome, which saw the humor giggling little child, trying to please you with snacks that tried dimasaknya itself, which saves money, which menyemangatimu to be a professional or a businessman successful, who maintains his honor, the affectionate and spoiled you, but firm and fierce in defending your good name.

Always remember that ...

Beautiful woman in kesederhanannya, is a real beautiful woman. May God soon introduce you to the nice lady, who will be a happy companion and memuliakanmu, which will be the mother of your children healthy, intelligent and well berpekerti. Hope you dibahagiakan in a harmonious marriage, full of joy and well-being, in his long and healthy life.

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