Uncovering the truth meaning of Speech Men

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Uncovering the truth meaning of Speech Men
FOR men, to be honest does not always end well. Sometimes when the thoughts they express to their partners, the women even ranting and lead to conflict.

 Men also tend to prefer to keep quiet and bury his heart than to face a nagging spouse.

1. "Clothes that make you look fat!"

Actually, this is the guy who wants to say when her partner asked, "I do not look fat, if you wear this dress?" This question often makes him feel trapped. If he honestly said "yes," you might grumble endlessly and spent quite a long time to choose another outfit. But if you answered "no", as he let you look weird in that outfit.

2. "Tell me another, please ..."

Ladies, your partner will feel frustrated if kept fed rumors about the next door neighbor who just bought a Hermes handbag from France or your co-workers are having a fight with her boyfriend. The he does look very concerned about your story, but trust me, it was done just to reward you. Instead of telling someone else, why not share your own stories?

3. "I do not like you're shopping, but I'm glad to see you beautiful"

Beauty is pain. To look beautiful, sometimes painful, especially painful for the wallet. Shopping is a popular pastime into a fruit simalakama women for men. In order to look beautiful, she needs cosmetic products and clothing which is quite a drain bag.

4. "Be wild on bed!"

The most hot women being called 'bitchy', but at least try to be more aggressive in front of the couple. Do not be too passive on the bed and began to heat attacks without mercy.

5. "I'm sorry" (read: "Do not nag!")

When he said sorry, lies levels reached 75%. Actually he did not want to apologize, he just wants you still, stop nagging and stop crying.

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