Uric Acid Disease and Rheumatism

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Uric Acid Disease and Rheumatism
The term uric acid may be one meaning, because there is nothing to do with tendons or muscles. Perhaps the term is an English translation of "urate" which comes from the word meaning urine uric or urine. Actually using that common term is "gout"  But whatever buddy ga, to help us in addressing this disease we will also use the term bandwagon uric acid. So the disease is caused by uric acid, we also chimed called gout. 

Patients with pain uric acid or gout increasingly tahum increasingly showing rising quite dramatically. It is very bekaitan with kaadaan people in this age are required to be super busy at work. The job demands a lot of time and need to move quickly, causing a person does not have time to adjust their lifestyle and good diet.

A diet that is fast-paced and intant, making a person less attention to the intake-intake into the body. Not realizing they consumed food sources merukan onset diseases including gout.

Plus a lot of people do not realize that he had the disease because the symptoms of gout uric acid has similarities with the symptoms of arthritis or rheumatic disease. Kesamaat symptoms or characteristics of rheumatism and gout that makes people affected by gout do not end up in anticipation as it should. He too underestimate the symptoms of gout that he felt because only dianggab usual symptoms of arthritis. Furthermore, the handling of uric acid in contrast to the handling of the symptoms of arthritis. Rheumatic drug treatment or any different with gout treatment. So you must be careful to distinguish between the symptoms of uric acid or gout symptoms with rheumatism and arthritis symptoms.

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