Viewing Video Funny Animals, Concentration Increase Work

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Viewing Video Funny Animals, Concentration Increase Work
Are you happy to steal time to see animals funny video on YouTube when she was bored working? This fun hobby seems to have its benefits.

Researchers from Japan, Hiroshi Nittono, recently announced the results of their study with a team of researchers from Hiroshima University. Nittono and his team found that viewing videos or pictures of cute animals, a case of cats, dogs, rabbits, and others, can improve mood and increase productivity.

Huffington Post, Monday (1/10) launch, growing concentration in thinking after seeing the pictures funny. This condition is the result of the interpretation of the concentration of the brain that is triggered by the emotional and systematic processes in the brain.

The reaction is almost the same as when adults see infants or children are cute. In behavior, often without conscious adults should slow down the pace and reduce the volume when talking with a pet. This is what makes a person become more gentle and more concentrated after seeing the animals are adorable.

The results were published in the journal PlusOne titled "The Power of Kawaii: Cute Viewing Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and attentional Narrows Focus". "Kawaii" is derived from the Japanese word meaning cute, like the impression that emerged from cute cats are widely spread in the YouTube video.

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