Why are Women More Easy Feeling Worried?

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Why are Women More Easy Feeling Worried?
NEVER the victim of fraud via telephone calls of a family member in an accident or criminal charges against her?

The perpetrators of crime by targeting many such modes womankind women using psychological side that is easier to feel anxious and panicky. Daniel G. Amen, author of "Unleash the Power of the Female Brain" mentioned, the nature of which one is related to the production of hormones in the brain that influence the psychological conditions.

"Men and women have differences when feeling anxious. Associative thinking in her little impact, making them associate the problem to other problems, resulting in stress that builds up," Amen said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

This makes the women often think of many things when panic and anxiety. Worries are easily influenced by the formation of hormones to accumulate in the brain.

"Women have the hormone serotonin in the brain were lower than men's. Levels of serotonin are low illustrates the excess activity in the brain areas associated with anxiety," says Amen.

Amen added, the men who have higher levels of serotonin can divide anxiety into smaller parts, so it can think with more focus.

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