Working in Cafe More Effective Than in the Office

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Working in Cafe More Effective Than in the OfficeUniversity of British Columbia has recently launched a study on the effectiveness of the work based on the level of noise in the workplace.

 More than 300 participants were asked to complete a series of tasks to test the concentration of thought. At the same time, the noise level in the room is constantly changing, ranging from very quiet until the sounds were deafening.

As reported by Genius Beauty, the participants proved to be more easily accomplish tasks in a room that has a noise level of average sound. Like atmosphere in the café were not so quiet but not so disturb the concentration able to make them more comfortable at the thought.

Conversely, when the condition of the room was quite noisy, how to process the information artisipan wane and creativity levels are decreasing. Concentration starts to increase when participants are in a room with a moderate sound level.

The researchers concluded, the atmosphere is not too noisy room can reduce the complexity in information processing and helps foster creativity as it stimulates the brain to think abstractly.

This is why more and more people who get the job done while sipping coffee and listening to jazz music in the café. Working in the café apparently much more effective than working in the office.

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