20 Minutes to Beautiful

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20 Minutes to Beautiful
The tight time constraints and busy makes you do not have much time to dress up. Try practical tips from GH Indonesia below. Can beautify the face, hair, and nails you in 20 minutes.


It only took 5 minutes for fresh makeup. Follow the following tips:

1. Two Way Cake Powder Apply evenly on face and neck. Foundation that blends with the powder practical and able to cover minor blemishes.

2. Smile and apply a thin layer of blusher on the cheekbones. When smiling, cheek bone will appear.

3. Add natural color or pastel eyeshadow on the eyelids. You will look fresh.

4. You can kind of liquid or pencil eyeliner black eye line just above the inside. Avoid making eye line beyond the tip, so that the eyes look bigger naturally.

5. Pinch lashes and apply mascara. Needless to zig-zag motion, apply a pretty while pulled up, from the base to the tip of the lashes.

6. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrows. Easy and fast. To make it look natural, smooth with a brush mascara or brow brush.

7. Finish with a lipstick that contains moisturizers.


Willy suggests, "For evening, just add some color to your day of makeup. But avoid excessive makeup because it can make the face look older. If you want to wear red lipstick, avoid playing on the eyeshadow colors. Enough with natural color eyeshadow or a little smokey. "

• Pertebal line the upper eye with black liquid eyeliner, to appear more dramatic and glamorous. Then, use a dark eyeliner pencil to line the bottom of the eye.

• Add color eyeshadow dark, like brown or taupe.
• Pertebal mascara.
• End with a solid colored lipstick.

Nude or Bright

Lina advice, makeup artist of W2 Hair & Makeup:

Dark Skin

• Choose a lipstick red, beige, coral and warm. Could try Oriflame Giordani Gold Warm Coral, Lancome L'absolu Rouge 190, and Bobbi Brown Beige 2.

• Avoid pale colors such as nude and baby pink, because it is not visible on dark skin, making it look pale.

Light skin

• Easily choose a lipstick color. Try MAC Pink Nouveau Satin A 90, Shiseido

Shimmering Rouge PK 407, 23 RSVPink Clinique, Maybelline Natural Nude 945, and Chanel infrarouge 54.


Beautiful fingers were also improve the appearance. Make sure you regularly perform rituals nail care, so it only took a short time to beautify nails.

• Select a fast prime quality nail polish dry, then spread with a nail polish dryer.

• Dry with a hairdryer without heating.

• If you can use a light-skinned variety of colors.

• If you are dark skinned, dark red or maroon color can make the skin look brighter.

• When you prefer the look of plain and simple, just use a base coat and top coat. Direct nails look bright and shiny healthy.

10 MINUTES curls

Produce as perfect hairdo at the salon you can do yourself in no time. Enough with the hot rollers are easily available in the store and hair salon equipment. How to use easy:

• Heat the hair rollers for 5 minutes, then take each small part of the hair and roll inward. (Do it before you apply makeup).

• Five minutes later, hair rollers would be cool. Let go slowly, then wrap hair using your fingers to produce a perfect wavy hair. Latest hair spray hairspray so the waves can be long lasting.

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