60 Ways to Save the Earth

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60 Ways to Save the Earth
Tip Spread this to everyone you meet. Indeed, the tongue does not reinforced, talking is easier than doing. Whereas without much bicarapun fact we can all take part in environmental conservation efforts

1. Do not use electricity for lighting or equipment unless true you're looking to use it, if not to use it Deaden !
2. Using luorescent light (fluorescent) that are energy efficient.
3. Use lighting, power generation, heating units powered solar.
4. Take advantage of more natural light illumination.
5. Use of structural ventilation for air conditioning than use of Air Condition (AC)
6. Use cold water, not hot water.
7. Make sure the electric-powered equipment remains efficient and well-maintained good
8. Lighting control, automatic air conditioning equipment, eg with a light sensor
9. Use the tools pematul light to replace the lights.
10. Use glass or film coating to reduce heat rayban sun.
11. Plant the plants in your garden as much mungin to reduce karbondiosida.
12. Do not burn anything, even cigarettes.
13. Complete your car or motorcycle with a catalyst.
14. If you stop the vehicle in the not too distant future, do not turn off your vehicle engine.
15. Reduce default on your vehicle to reduce the load, even pull out a pencil from any vehicle will help.
16. Do not throw away anything that can be recycled, such as cans aluminum and paper. Save and give scavengers for resale.
17. Minimize the use of styrofoam (synthetic cork) to wrap food.
18. Look back and check if you are using aerosol, paint, air conditioning, whether containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
19. Do not buy any item instantly discarded after one use, if there is a type of goods that can be purchased as a long-term investment.
20. Buy products that you like so that the product does not need to be replaced until completely broken and can not be reused.
21. Try not to have goods that only have aesthetic value only.
22. Be careful with the plastic items you buy as there are some types of plastics can not be recycled.
23. Bring your own bag if you want to shop are made of cloth or canvas to reduce plastic products.
24. Tell someone if you see trash in carelessly.
25. Never once cut plants or cut down a tree because plants help save the earth.
26. Watering your garden with rain water, for rain-fed systems.
27. Use water sparingly for washing vehicles and watering your garden.
28. Separate waste that can be recycled and not.
29. Do not throw rubbish into drains, water canal, river and sea.
30. Do not use detergent materials, especially chemicals and cleaning agents containing phosphate.
31. Wear chemical substitute materials in the house eg lemon juice mixed with salt, vinegar and ammonia.
32. Do not use more water than you need.
33. If possible, water recycling.
34. Do not use water to clean the yard if it can be cleaned with a broom.
35. Make sure that the tap works well and use the showers flowing slowly.
36. Check flushing toilets were in good condition to avoid unnecessary flushing.
37. Save the excess water and clothes washing machine to wash your car.
38. Get used to drinking water with no water left in the glass.
39. Do not travel unless you have to.
40. Do not travel by private vehicle, unless you it is forced.
41. Use public transportation to reduce congestion, carbon monoxide and parking fees.
42. Use the bike, if the distance is relatively close.
43. Use lead-free fuel (unleaded fuel)
44. Use low-octane fuel.
45. Convert your engine to use natural gas compacted.
46. Caring machine regularly.
47. Choose a vehicle that uses the least fuel efficient.
48. If you would like to print (print this) check the print settings beforehand, use draft printing to save ink.
49. Use paper that has been used reversed for internal needs.
50. Do not use images that are not needed in a writing, because images require more ink.
51. Select the font type and size of the standard.
52. Do not use fertilizers that contain chemicals or abuse pesticides.
53. Use chemical herbicides and fungicides to crops as efficiently possible.
54. Begin with hydroponic techniques to grow plants (grown without use of land and only give enough nutrients in the water.
55. For the merchant, do not turn on the tools that lead to noise, except to give a demonstration to consumers.
56. Avoid musical public in places.
57. Do not operate the equipment at peak hours rest.
58. Avoid loud and making music, thus blurring the sound important announcements.
59. Make sure that the equipment really soundproofed and serviced to minimize noise.
60. Wear earmuffs when working on machines that speak noisy.

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