7 Beauty Of Chocolate

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Where the hell are women resist the temptation of chocolate? Ah, but the fear of fat huh? Ok, then let's reap the benefits of chocolate from the other side. No need to have to eat it, you can daub chocolate and make you more beautiful. How? Experts picking chocolate goodness and carried him into beauty products such as the following:

1. Givenchy eyeshadow

7 Beauty Of Chocolate
That looks super delicious palette from Givenchy brings nine colors inspired by chocolate. With a sweet blend of colors that are ready to sweeten your appearance. Packaged similar to chocolate, each particle produces sweet outward until last outward appearance. Sensual color with pearl luster suitable to accompany your daily appearance.

2. Jellypongpong

7 Beauty Of Chocolate
This one is not ice cream and can not eat, you know. Even if the shape is very similar to ice cream, but this is actually soap. Of course, this soap looks yummy vanilla and chocolate to benefit as well, with the scent of chocolate abis, making a shower moments will be spoiled. It makes you want to linger in the bathroom.

3. Cheeky Chimp Truffle

Wait, fooled again if this says is chocolate with a sprinkling of nuts that was super delicious. Actually this is the Cheeky Chimp Milk Chocolate Truffle Lip Balm. With a super delicious aroma of chocolate, you will not bear to see it and wanted to bite him continuously.

4. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

7 Beauty Of Chocolate 
Well, if this one is a favorite of many women ya. Tempting aroma of cocoa will help more relaxed. Not to mention the amount of vitamin E and antioxidants that will provide the skin with moisture and care for a maximum. You will feel the softness after a bath with this adorable scrub.

Sara Happ Cocoa Lip Scrub

7 Beauty Of Chocolate 

Well, if the skin is ok, now turn to be pampered with a lip scrub is scented chocolate. Left lip softness with a gentle massage, and grains-grains will not make your skin hurt.

Chanel Le Vernis

7 Beauty Of Chocolate

Sweet and nude shades to give lentikmu fingers. Chanel took the idea of ​​chocolate and milk spoil and desirable woman. Warmth so closely on each nail and leave the elegant touches that make you more excited.

Korres Vanilla Cinnamon

7 Beauty Of Chocolate 
Blend of natural ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon mixed with brown skin pampering. Like a luxury bath with shower Greek goddess style. Softness and the ingredients will make your skin even in the bath ternutrisi. The aroma makes the body more relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. 

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