7 Benefits Rise and Shine

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7 Benefits Rise and ShineSleep is a human necessity, but if you sleep too long it could lead to body aches and fatigue. Partly the toughest challenge is when they want to wake up in the morning, why? Because on the morning of the temptation to sleep so heavy that it is difficult to wake up. Wake up in the morning means that you have to help the body to balance the body's rhythms with the rhythms of nature. So the body's organ systems will also work balance that ultimately the body much more healthy.

But we need to know that there are many benefits if we get up early, even if we can afford it is advisable to get up in the morning at 05.00. for doing so is not easy, need to struggle and strong intention to do it, and know the benefits of getting out of bed, I'll explain.

Here are 7 Great Benefits Rise and Shine

1. Rich in oxygen

According to experts in the field of health, the air in the last third of the night when the night time is divided into three parts, very rich with oxygen and not contaminated by other substances that are very useful in optimizing the body's metabolism. This will have an enormous influence on the vitality of a person in the activities during the day. This is a tremendous gift from God given through natural freshness in the morning for His creatures.

2. Healthy with Sports

Early in the morning is an excellent time to exercise. The earlier you build, the more calories you can burn during the day and you will always feel healthy. Research has also shown that people who exercise in the morning tend to be more consistent in maintaining their body fitness.

This is one of the most common benefits received by each person when you wake up early in the morning. They had the opportunity to get some cool air with berolaharaga. This you can do before you start the move. Not only that, getting up early to exercise is also beneficial for improving mood and provide energy for the next activity.

3. Increase Productivity

This move crates relation to the activities you will do. Waking up early will help you be more relaxed and more focused on the job.

4. Build Character

In addition, some studies have also linked up early with the formation of character. Those who rise early will have the character of optimism, satisfaction and optimal level of consciousness.

5. Success

A Texan University concluded that those who get up early have a focus on work, than those who wake up in the afternoon or at 9 am.

6. Happier

Studies show that those who get up early life tend to be happier than those who often stay up or sleep late. Those who are older will be happier than those who are with young.

The study included two populations. The first consisted of adults aged 17 to 38 years, and the second 297 adults aged 59 to 79 years. Both answered questions about their emotional state. The study shows that adults with older age (59-79) have positive emotions than younger participants (17-38). The reason, is the clock or the clock vigil over the 10 nights that many do old age category. The more hours of sleep one night will affect

7. Sleep quality

As is known with sufficient sleep can reduce the negative effects of the face such as aging or wrinkles. With up early, the rhythm of the body will be stable. This condition will indirectly improve the quality of sleep.

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