7 Foods That Increase Endurance Body

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7 Foods That Increase Endurance BodyThere are many factors that can make the immune system weakens, call it lack of sleep, stress, diet haphazardly, until exhaustion.

By the time this Lebaran, lest you developing the disease because the immune system weakens.

These 7 Foods That Increase Endurance Body

1. oyster

The seafood is better known as an aphrodisiac, libido enhancer alias. In fact, the mineral content of zinc in it is also useful to boost immunity from the disease. Zinc shown to have antiviral effects.

2. watermelon

In addition to refreshing and relieve thirst, red fruit is rich in powerful antioxidants known glutahione fight infection.

3. cabbage

These vegetables are a source of glutamine immune booster. Various types of vegetables cabbage also contain good nutrients and antioxidants.

4. almonds

Want to reduce stress? Consumption of just a handful of almonds. The dose is a quarter cup of beans has been able to meet 50 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin E, which can boost immunity. Almonds are also rich in riboflavon and niacin, vitamin B which has the effect of reducing the symptoms of stress.

5. garlic

Spices that one is also popular as a drug. He is rich in antioxidants and shown to kill H. pylori, the bacteria that trigger ulcer and gastric cancer.

6. spinach

Also known as a super food, spinach is rich in nutrients such as folic acid that helps the body produce new cells and repair DNA. Spinach should not be cooked too long before consumption.

7. tea

Green or black tea? Both contain polyphenols and flavonoids that are effective against free radicals.

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