7 Most Unique T-Shirt Designs

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Dress shirts are the most frequent and convenient to use. With materials that absorb sweat and relaxed model, allows us to use it when-ever we want. Vacation, relaxing at home, hanging out, sports, t-shirts became a fashion item the most fun to use.

One advantage of using T-shirts are to be combined with a variety of styles. In addition, T-shirts usually have designs from casual to the most unique. Did you know that there is some creative t-shirt designs in the world? T-shirts are not only expressive through writing and drawing on its surface, but also unique.

Here's 7 Most Unique T-Shirt Designs

1. Zombie T-Shirt

7 Most Unique T-Shirt DesignsAs the name implies, this shirt has a sensation of horror. From the front and rear appearance may look ordinary.

Only the color of his shirt is jet black with a bit of writing.

But if you use it with a reverse shirt covering your head, this shirt seems cool enough to scare the people in your home. However, be careful not to stumble or hit the wall when using it.

2. Blackout T-shirts

7 Most Unique T-Shirt Designs
When seen, this shirt might look ordinary. Only white shirts which consists of a picture window with a curtain pull. However, there is a rope that had been prepared in this shirt. Kind of like a curtain pull.

When you pull the string, then your clothes will be lifted like a curtain. This creative t-shirt got surprise indeed quite unique and interesting. but do not do it in public.

3. Special t-shirts Six Pack

7 Most Unique T-Shirt DesignsTo a man, had a six pack body is a kebangaan.Oleh Therefore, do not be surprised if many men could use tight clothes to show indentations and protrusions formed in the body.

However, by using this one shirt, seems to be making a sixpack bodied man can show off his stomach muscles directly. This is because there are holes that follow the pattern of the abdominal muscles can show the muscle. Ouch, I hope ya do not catch a cold if you put this shirt.

4. Sports T-shirts

7 Most Unique T-Shirt Designs
This t-shirt is a shirt that fits for you lovers of sports and fitness. T-shirts are equipped with measuring sweat it helps you to indicate how long you exercise.

With a maximum span of 60 minutes, you can read how long you exercise through sweat seepage length that appears on the shirts. Well, that could be the focus when exercising ya. But maybe this is not true for you that is easy to sweat.

5. Supporters T-Shirt

These shirts are designed specifically for fans, various types of t-shirt design is, if this shirt is reversed and menutupu face, then the face of the person will appear to be one of the favorite footballer supporters

6. Squeeze shirts Stomach

Imagine the pain if your stomach crumpled, but do not be afraid, because this dress just image alone. you definitely want to have this unique t-shirt design, not only interesting, but this shirt is also a great inspiration for those who wear them.

7. Sexy Body T-Shirt

Wauu, dare not you wearing a shirt like this? Although the model looks simple and inexpensive, but it is when used, will create an optical illusion on the people who see you.

If you do not feel too sexy, you should try this shirt. With a flash, people will see you have a sexy body in her bikini. Unfortunately, the design drawings are available only bikini models only. But with this shirt, surely you be the center of attention everywhere.

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