7 Powerful Steps To Saving

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7 Powerful Steps To SavingSaving is an excellent activity, with the saving we learn to manage finances, learn patience, and the time savings will be taken to make our hearts glad. The habit of saving money should be invested and do it at an early age or from the children. By having a good habit of saving, then we can plan for the future even better. But unfortunately, as we age, the more often we will find new problems, especially problems related to finance. So how can we save money and result saving is not reduced even unconsciously exhausted.

People are always trying to save money, especially if economic conditions were to deteriorate. Whatever your reason for saving, you will find various tips and tricks that you can apply. Saving it is actually not that hard, and you just need a little creative to learn what ways can you apply to save.

Here are 7 Powerful Steps To Saving

1. Drop coins Money In The Specific

Each time you buy goods or whatever it is and you have the change in the form of coins as money 500, 1000, and others that you think of as coins, then drop any money where you like, the important thing to remember when you dropped it.

Tips I say this as an effective saving tips, because by dropping coins, chances are you forget and do not remember, but without you realizing after 1 month or even one year more, when you collect the money you dropped earlier, it is not aware of the money has been much

2. Record your habits in a month

Actually it's very easy to save, as long as you are spending less than income. Before that, you have to know how your habits in spending money each month. Try to record expenses daily, weekly and monthly. Then determine which ones need to be reduced

3. Your Motivation To Achieve Great Results

Decide what you want and know how much money is needed, then decide how realistic such as saving regularly for six months. Put a picture that shows what you dream about at your desk, room or purse so you always remember your goal of saving. So every time there is a temptation Clothing discount or sale at the mall, you do not easily tempted.

4. Determine Date

If you get a monthly salary will not be problematic to determine the date to set aside funds, but for those who receive wages / salary every two weeks, then specify one of the two dates to set aside funds to be deposited. If you are an entrepreneur, specify a date in the middle of month when you do not pay the bills.

5. Buying Useful Items

When you have more money, then you'd tabunglah money to buy something useful or very useful or goods that you can resell as Gold etc.. This method is also effective for saving.

6. Financial Plan

Everyone should have a financial plan. One of the best ways to save money is to record your expenses. In general, when one does not know where their money goes, then when they saw the record spending on paper, they will be surprised and immediately change their bad habits.

7. Keep in Bank

When the savings you've reached 1 million or more, then it should not be in a hurry to use it, save your money at a bank nearby. This allows the next to increase your savings.

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