7 Steps to Beautiful Without Makeup

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Look beautiful without makeup that you can achieve. However, it should be clarified in advance here, that pretty without makeup, does not mean you do not necessarily need to care for your skin care.

Just when you want beautiful without makeup, you have to fight hard and treat the face with a maximum. Yes, that's right. There must be no longer the word the lazy, the reason you do not do the maximum care.

here are 7 Steps to Beautiful Without Makeup

1. Enough sleep!

Sleep is very influential on the appearance of the skin in the morning, when you lack sleep, the skin will look dull and less fresh. In addition, lack of sleep can cause skin prone to skin problems, such as acne. To that end, both ends you sleep 8 hours every day.

2. The secret, is in cold water

Cold water, in addition to helping provide and maintain moisture in the skin, it also serves to compress the skin, so that in the morning will face a fresher, more deflate eye bags. And do not forget to always rinse the back face has been washed with warm water so that the pores closed again, and the temperature of the skin retain moisture. Remember, that warm water can cause the skin to become dehydrated and dry.

3. Peeling and moisturizing

It is important to make peeling the skin so that dead skin cells are much easier to peel and regenerate the skin goes well. In general, skin is skin that is dull skin cells death is still difficult to be separated and make a face look dull. However, keep in mind, the skin is injured or acne should not dipeeling to prevent inflammation. Furthermore, it provides moisture to the skin is very important. Water and vitamins from the body alone will not be enough. You still have to provide moisture through out the body.

4. Drinking mineral water, enough!

Inadequate you need to mineral water to keep skin moist and fresh. Mineral water deficiency can make skin dry and dehydrated.

5. Wear sunscreen

Sunlight, a double blade that provides benefits and harmful to the skin. When the move under direct sunlight every day, wear sunscreen as needed. To be long in the sun, wear a minimum of SPF 50, while for daily, just wear 25-30 SPF.

6. Diligent cleansing

Wearing makeup in the morning or not, the face remains to be cleared. Try to observe the rest of the cotton cleansing, of course, there is dust and dirt on the face after a day of activities, right? To that end, never lazy to clean the face with two steps, cleansing and toning.

7. Hair clean, beautiful and healthy hair

Who says you mean without makeup free must let you look sober? To look beautiful without makeup, you just have to pay more attention to details. Make sure you arrange your hair and ask for advice from your hairstylist in order to keep hair beautiful. Beauty and hair hygiene is very influential on the health and condition of skin.

Want to stay beautiful without makeup? Discipline yourself and do the maximum care to get the best results

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