7 Things You Need to Remember

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7 Things You Need to Remember
Sometimes when we are in trouble, then immediately we know who we are, but when we are in a state of happy, then that moment we forget who we are. Many people are not aware whether he would live forever, whether he will be forever happy and rich, or whether he will always be timeless.

The fact that we are seeing is a lot of action or behavior that humans consider themselves immortal and live forever in the world feel this, but life in this world is only temporary. So what we need to know and remember when we are still alive and still in this world.

Here are 7 Things You Need to Remember

1. God

Confidence man to the Creator is no doubt, any human, then belief in God is unnecessary examined again. However, if the same act with their beliefs? It turns out it was not the same, they believed in God but did not want to obey His commands and prohibitions menjahui. If so what's the point we were created? Therefore, since God is not only based on faith alone, but had no real application to be formed in any behavior

2. Parents

Parents realize yourself if no, you will not be born into this world. Do you realize if without a parent, you're not going to grow and thrive. But look at the current reality, how many parents are crying and hurt because their children are disobedient. Not just the word "AH" they say, any physical contact resistance even they do. Conscious, unconscious .., .. ye, parents are intermediaries human creation that God has created, therefore disobedience to parents is tantamount Durka against God.

3. Thyself

Forget themselves often occurs when a person is not aware of its existence, many of them assume that the thrill of the moment is doing themselves a form of happiness, but when someone who forgot who he was so mean he had tortured himself. Realize that you are divided into two parts: physical and spiritual. Lots of fun physical alone but forget rohaniya. Though spiritual goodness is the decisive element in oneself

4. The world will be destroyed

Many people are vying to seek wealth, the pursuit of office, throne and women. Their lives are always busy with the world without ever thinking that they are going to die. Then after death we're going? Do not ever think we will die forever! Remember we only left the world and toward the life God has immortalized, what is it? That Hereafter.

5. Affection

Property can not form a natural affection, wealth can not unify quarreling happy human relationships, positions can not subdue the anger of the people are demanding justice. Then what can? The answer is love.
Affectionate behavior of responsibility is born of sincerity and attitude can not live alone. Pure affection will come when someone realized that he needed it right. Affection is a measure of peace, tranquility and comfort

6. Good or Bad

Anyone would hate to have a bad friend and have a bad attitude, but have you judge yourself, if you include people who are good or bad. Good or bad is a major determination in this life, if lived life with goodness, then your life has been successful, but if otherwise then you have failed

7. Title

What is your title these days? crying, laughing, happy, hard, sick, rich, poor, successful, does not work, the lazy or the other. Title intent and purpose of life is to be achieved. Hence the title you specify.

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