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Being yourself is not a disgrace
Being yourself is not a disgrace, but it is difficult to do a lot of people. see, .. partly the pelastik surgery to beautify themselves, make sharp nose, leveling gear, even to operate partly body.

In the name of beauty and good looks, many people are willing to spend money it does not matter whether their actions as to exceed the limits.

There also are afraid not sell, can not match because of an ugly face, body fat, body is not slim and sexy etc.. but these reasons can not serve as the steering wheel to get the desire.

You can see together, there is an affinity partner where fat men but women slim and sexy, there is also a female partner but men are handsome and fat-bodied ideal, even women who are disabled but the male partner is perfect.

The above facts indicate that the match is not determined by the beauty, beauty, body shape, and so on. you should know mate had been arranged by God, as we seek and pray, surely God will not remain silent to answer our requests.

Therefore, being yourself is the best thing and not something to be ashamed of. do not be afraid if you are considered ugly, black, fat, disabled and so on, for any shape of your body when the body is merely a formality created by God. because however beautiful your face, handsome face, sexy body, it will all be destroyed and devastated.

Rest assured, when we believe that what lies within us is the best, then that is a gorgeous shape and real attitudes and negative impression can beat people who always make fun of us. Not Ashamed of yourself!

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