7 Benefits of Avocado for Health

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Benefits of Avocado for Health
Avocado is one fruit that is found in Indonesia. Avocados are also a lot of rage as fruit can be made into juice. In addition to delicious and refreshing, the avocado is also believed to have many benefits. What are the benefits of an avocado?

The following 7 Benefits of Avocado for Health

1. Preserve eye health

In the content of the avocado are Vitamin A that role in protecting the eyes from free radical attack which can cause a number of diseases such as cataracts and macular. This vitamin is found in avocado fruit in large numbers. For those of you who are not too happy with Rimbang fruit or a fruit kiosks that can make a healthy eye, the avocado is one of its alternatives.

2. Lowering blood cholesterol levels

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat. This type of good fat for the body because it can increase HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). The content of the fruit than unsaturated fat that is betasitosterol, the function of this betasitosterol can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body derived from food intake. A mix of monounsaturated fats and betasitosterol make avocado fruit as one good enough to lower blood koleterol.

3. Helps control blood sugar

Unsaturated fat in avocados, in addition to a role in lowering blood cholesterol, also may play a role in restoring insulin resistance. Insulin plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels. Other content of the fiber may play a role in maintaining blood sugar levels.

4. Protect the body against cancer

The study results showed that the extract of avocado containing folate, vitamin C, E, and antioxidants can stop and kill cells trigger pre-cancerous oral cancer. It is also believed that the extract not only can prevent oral cancer, but could also have the same reaction to other types of cancer.

5. Maintain a healthy heart

Apart from being one element in the protection of the body against cancer, folate content in avocado are also useful in maintaining the health of your heart.

6. Controlling blood pressure to remain stable.

The content of potassium in avocados play a role in helping the body to control and stabilize blood pressure, with stable blood pressure, then the body will be protected from disease such as high blood pressure as a major cause of stroke. Potassium can also help prevent the blockage of blood circulation in the body.

7. Stable blood circulation

When I ask my friends, they say if Avocados can cause low blood, but after I turned back analysis does not cause low blood avocados, avocado otherwise can stabilize the circulatory system to normal if we consume avocados regularly.

That is my explanation of the benefits of an avocado for our health. Hopefully by reading this article, can add to our knowledge about health.

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