Biography of Chantal Della Concetta

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Biography of Chantal Della Concetta

Chantal Della Concetta was born in Bandung, July 27, 1980, was a newspresenter RCTI. Chantal journalism career started at Metro TV in 2001, then moved to RCTI in 2007. Name Chantal is a combination of names from several countries in the world. Chantal (French) means singing, Della (Latin) meaning good-natured and Concetta (Italian) means pure.

Chantal was born to Budi Gunawan Kelvin and Shirley Gandasasmita as the second of three brothers. His brother and sister named Amanda Crescentia Marischka Prudence. Marischka is also a reporter from Metro TV.

Chantal spent his childhood in London to study at the Department of International Relations at the University of Parahyangan force 1998. Graduated from college in 2003 with a GPA of 3.1 Chantal immediately joined Metro TV.

Chantal was married to Hans Blue. Their marriage was blessed with a son in 2004 and a daughter in 2009 named Nathaniel Trevor Peach Blue Blue and Mazel.


In Metro TV, Chantal opportunity to bring a variety of programs with different characters, ranging from regular news, morning talk shows to dialogue. The program ever hosted by Chantal include Your Voice, Public Corner, Headline News, Breakfast Club, Metro Morning, Afternoon and Metro Metro Night.

In addition to serving as an anchor in the studio, Chantal also had the opportunity to cover some important events at home and abroad such as the tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004, Pope John Paul II's funeral in Vatican City, the election (conclave) Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, as well as informal talks third-RI GAM in Helsinki, Finland.

When the tsunami in Aceh, Chantal served for approximately two weeks in Banda Aceh, including the fall of Blackhawk helicopters belonging to the United States in the Banda Aceh area of ​​rice fields. Upon their return from Aceh, Chantal served back in the studio in Breaking News Indonesia Crying. During this national tragedy took place, several times Chantal broadcast in the studio for about five hours without interruption.

After nearly four years of service on Metro TV, Chantal joined in 2007 by RCTI. In RCTI Chantal brings the highest-rated program, namely Regarding Indonesia. In the same year, Indonesia Regarding Panasonic Award for getting the program to the news.

As a journalist in RCTI, Chantal is also active in news coverage. In August 2007, Chantal duty to report directly atmosphere Independence Day ceremony RI-62, directly from the Presidential Palace in a special program on RCTI. In addition, Chantal also covered national events, including flooding in Jakarta in February 2008 which resulted in Soekarno Hatta airport access highway interrupted.

Chantal also covered the key events that are also included in the record of the history of Indonesia, as former Indonesian President Suharto critically ill and suffered complications from the disease and should be treated intensively at Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) in Jakarta. And when the former president of Indonesia is the second death, Chantal believed to bring special events coverage Soeharto funeral.

After a five-year stint as a journalist, Chantal is now more interested in the coverage of social issues, such as poverty, unemployment, education, and health.

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