Biography of Dewi Persik

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Biography of Dewi Persik

Dewi Persik have names Murya Court, was born in Jember, East Java, December 16, 1985 from the couple R.moch Fair and Srimona. He is a dangdut singer who soared through the 'rocking saws', ie wobble like movement saws back and forth.

Perssik own name given by his manager, who hoped his career shone like a peach, the fruit from China that are considered good luck. In addition it H.Mochammad Aidil daughter pair and Hj. Sri Muna also have Chinese blood from his grandmother.

The youngest of four brothers is married to singer dangdut Saipul Jamiell on June 26, 2005, but their marriage age is only running less than two years. On January 14, 2008 in North Jakarta Religious Court declared them divorced.

Road divorce the couple went pretty 'twists and turns', where Saiful filed for divorce in August 2006, several times fruitful decision to refer. But the decision did not last long, it conflicts both 'widening', although problems still remain the same, namely the goddess clothes that are too open.

Post-divorce with Saiful, the Goddess through life as a singer with the full spotlight. His performance of 'the bold' protests a number of people, even some areas to block the appearance of a singer who starred in the big screen VIRGIN ROPE Pocong it.

However, comments about the ban Goddess who tend to 'brave' are deemed to be the atmosphere. Goddess claimed his freedom restrained by ban-ban and considered character assassination and slander against him. Even then Goddess deliver 'challenge' to prosecute those who memfitnahnya legal table.

Until then Minister of Youth and Sports, Adiyaksa Daut, reminding intervened directly by telephone. Not only that, the man with the mustache is related advise appearance. Got a suggestion, Dewi plead guilty and make mistakes, although he still will not change the erotic sway.

Dewi has been proposed by a German of mixed Caucasian and Malay, Ferry Farid Yusuf Mansour, who lives in the Netherlands. The plan in December 2008 Goddess will soon end his widow with the male converts.

But the relationship eventually foundered Dewi and Ferry too. In fact, the famous goddess with the sensational news is finally memploklamirkan conjunction with a sitcom actress, presenter and singer, Aldi Taher. Prior to the Ferry, Dewi was reportedly dating Aldi, but both Aldi and Dewi when it denied this news. But now, Aldi and Dewi are ready to step into marriage.

End of February 2009, Goddard reported admission to hospital due to a miscarriage. Terkuaklah Finally, the mystery of the relationship between the Goddess and Aldi. Apparently they have done siri marriage on July 4, 2008.

But the marriage siri had experienced problems. Even while they had parted. During the split, the Goddess is said to have spoken to the Ferry. But eventually the two couples are denied this and said that they had been legally married to avoid fornication.

The problem with his former assistant, Asep not finished, Goddess again reported having problems with another former assistant. Andi, a former assistant Goddess felt hurt due to unilateral dismissal by Dewi. Even Aldi Taher's wife reportedly terrorized by death threats against Brenda.

Unfinished legal issues related to problems with his former assistant, Asep, this time the Goddess had to go back to deal with the law. Goddess reported Aifah Azalia, said people have been deceived.

Finally, the court decided the dispute with Asep won by the Goddess. However, again unlucky Goddess. Because they had to say to the media when he paid a lawyer Elza Syarief and team, Elza were offended because he defended Goddess unpaid finally resigned as attorney Goddess.

Not only the lawyers left, Dewi seems to swallow the bitter pill because my husband left twice. This time her husband, Aldi Taher Tale of Love 'singer filed for divorce this on Tuesday (9/29/09) in the PA West Jakarta.

LAILA protagonist soap opera, back into the conversation. He reportedly was bisexual. This is because a similar picture emerging middle Goddess intimate with a woman on the internet. But this is contradicted by her former husband, Saiful Jamil and Aldi Taher, whose husband is in the process of divorce from Goddess.

Controversy is never far from the DP, when once again the scene news lovingly with Indra L. Brugmann spread. The video is footage from the film tyrant (OFF IN BEDS) are currently being made with this handsome actor, and inadvertently circulated to the public.


Besides his profession as dangdut, Goddard also starred in the film SWEET DREAMS, the soundtrack is quite known to the public. Goddard also played in the film as a VIRGIN Pocong ROPE first film. In the world of aktiing, Aldi's wife seems to establish itself as a horror special player. Since recently, Goddard starred in the movie puncture Kuntilanak and tyrants (OFF IN BEDS). Goddard also had starred in a soap opera titled LAILA beraktingnya explore career.

The year 2010 brought a new career for the DP. Goddess pulled RCM (Republic of Love Management) led by Ahmad Dhani. In RCM, Goddard planned to make a new album that begins with the launch of the single hit Secretly dangdut genre.

Cooperation with the RCM begins with the appearance on the show on SCTV Harmony on March 11, 2010, when the Goddess had to sing the Lord Most Sexy Beings who have catapulted the name of Mulan. Goddess appearance can be regarded as something unusual, when he rocked on the piano.

Making video clips first DP with RCM has also been carried out on May 24, 2010 at home in Jalan Pinang Mas Dhani in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. This video clip presents some other stars like Senk Lotta, Fauzi Baadilah, Marsha Timothy, Fadly Padi, and Nino Fernadez.

In early July 2010, Goddard had declared that the boss RCM, Ahmad Dhani, reprimanded for DP in infotainment statements that are considered "nice ass". Relationship less blend in with the other members of RCM also briefly touched on the reasons Dhani Dewi reprimanded.

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