Biography of Fatboy Slim

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Biography of Fatboy Slim
Norman Quentin Cook, better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim, is a British DJ, veteran musician, record producer and pioneer of the electronic dance genre which achieved popular in the 1990's. He was born with the name Quentin Leo Cook. Quentin Leo Cook was raised in Reigate, Surrey, England, and educated at Reigate Grammar School.

Cook was married to Zoë Ball in 1999 in January 2003. They had split up three months later, but can be reconciled again. In marriage, Cook a son and a daughter. Another thing about Cook is that he meruapakan 12% stake holder of the football club named Brighton & Hove Albion, who disokongnya since moving to Brighton in the late 1980s.

Quentin played drums in Disque Attack (a British rock band). When frontman Charlie Alcock was out of the band, Cook took over the Position of vocalists. At Reigate College he also met Paul Heaton and together form a group Pondfrogs Stomping. At age 18, he went to the Brighton Polytechnic to take S2 ​​majoring in English, politics and sociology. Although he has been a DJ a few years earlier, he still continued to develop his abilities in Brighton.

As his career started to rise, he met DJ Baptiste. Cook then changed his nickname to DJ Quentox (The OX that Rocks). They both then begin to develop hip hop music. This is where hip hop music has become a popular young children.

In 1985 Cook with Paul Heaton founded a band called The Housemartins. From Cook's career began to flourish with the beginning of their first tour. Their first single titled HAPPY HOUR, which had reached the first rank in the UK charts at the time. Cook also had issued a solo hit in 1989, with sales that includes success. Cook also had formed a new band called Freak.

Cook changed her name to Fatboy Slim in 1996. Fatboy Slim album and Cook's second solo album, titled BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY success in the market, and had entered the UK charts. At this period of his career culminated with the exclusion of some successive album Tutut almost always successful in the market. Until 2000, his career as Fatboy Slim continues to rise.

After the success of her albums, Fatboy Slim was mengdakan variety show. The first show was held on July 13, 2002 in The Big Beach Boutique II. When was Fatboy Slim gig attended by more than 250,000 people. Fatboy Slim able to liven up the audience with a dazzling appearance. But the free show that was held turned out to cause problems. Due to attract too many visitors, the concert will cause congestion and turmoil that resulted in one death. Eventually police banned Fatboy Slim to perform again.

In 2006, Fatboy Slim finally obtained permission to 'gig' back in his hometown. Later he began to perform a variety show, but with a more accurate calculation. Performances for the show was held, and the enthusiastic audience increasingly apparent.

  • Halfway BETWEEN 2000 AND THE STARS THE Gutter

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