Biography of Incubus

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Biography of IncubusFormed by Incubus Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Alex Katunich, and Jose Pasillas who then hires Gavin Kopell (DJ Lyfe) on the turntable after DJ Lyfe sector showed tracknya sample. The group took the name of the devil in the name that appears in a dream legend was formed in 1993. After trying to make the demo a few times, finally got a record deal from Incubus Immortal Records and ENJOY Incubus album release early 1997. 2 years before Incubus have released an indie album titled AMONGUS fungus. Fungus AMONGUS album and is being released by a major label after ENJOY Incubus.

1998, Chris Killmore joined to replace Gavin Kopell was fired for creative differences. Mike was no longer interested in adding personnel, but after meeting with Chris seems there is a match between them. With this formation, Incubus was off 3 albums: MAKE YOURSELF, WHEN Incubus Attacks, and MORNING VIEW Katunich mengundurkand before Alex himself and was replaced by Ben Kenney in 2003.

Incubus during active has released 8 studio albums with his latest album Light Grenades 2006 yesterday. This album was perched at number 1 U.S. Charts in the UK despite only able to be on the stairs 52. Last 3 albums Incubus seems to always have a place of honor in the U.S. Chart. Although it does not rank first, but MORNING VIEW and A CROW LEFT OF THE MURDER had been on the stairs to the second.

Incubus singles kinds Drive, Megalomaniac, Pardon Me, Nice to Know You, and Anna Molly including successful and able to penetrate the top 10 charts in the United States. Reportedly single Megalomaniac MTV was blocked for delivery during the day because they contain harsh criticism of the administration of George W. Bush. But it actually did not mind Incubus and they were happy song MTV aired just after a late night.

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