Biography of Yes

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Biography of Yes

Yes is a homage to the progressive rock band from England that formed in 1968. Although the experience was mutually personnel, but the group is still able to survive until now. Currently, the group is reinforced by Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes and Jon Davison.

The people who contributed to this legendary band was founded other than Squire and Jon Anderson. With the support of other persons, namely Peter Banks, Tony Kaye and Bill Bruford, they managed to produce two albums. After that, success was coming straight at them.


Shortly after forming, Yes managed to release their first album called YES. In its time, the band is arguably highly productive almost every year since the release of their new album. Even in 1971, they managed to release two albums.

The first album may not be as successful as expected. But thanks to the spirit of the personnel, they managed to achieve success when the third album release THE YES ALBUM. Since then their name getting bounced due to a variety of musical achievement.

Along with passing time, their existence never die. Until now, they are almost never absent spawned the album. The last album they release entitled FLY FROM HERE is thrown to the public in 2011. Public is ready to wait for their breakthrough year.

  • YES (1969)
  • TIME AND A WORD (1970)
  • THE YES ALBUM (1971)
  • FRAGILE (1971)
  • CLOSE TO THE EDGE (1972)
  • TALES FROM Topographic OCEANS (1973)
  • Relayer (1974)
  • GOING FOR THE ONE (1977)
  • TORMATO (1978)
  • DRAMA (1980)
  • 90125 (1983)
  • BIG GENERATOR (1987)
  • HOWE ANDERSON Bruford Wakeman (1989)
  • UNION (1991)
  • TALK (1994)
  • KEYS TO ASCENSION 2 (1997)
  • OPEN YOUR EYES (1997)
  • THE LADDER (1999)
  • Magnification (2001)
  • FLY FROM HERE (2011)

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