Biography of Zaskia Sungkar

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Biography of Zaskia Sungkar

Zaskia Sungkar Indonesia known by the public as an actress and singer. The girl was born in Jakarta, December 22, 1990 This is the first daughter of celebrity couple Mark and Fanny Bauty Sungkar. Zaskia itself is also very close to his brother who works with him, Shireen Sungkar.

This beautiful girl love life also had to be news. Although time is not exposed by the media, in early January 2010, Zaskia rumored to have ended her love affair with a prince origin Brunei Prince Abdul Qawi named. Not long ago, Zaskia was seen holding a foreign man from Australia, Matt Niholson. However, this relationship was not smooth sailing. Finally, Zaskia reportedly had a love relationship with actor and singer Irwansyah, a former lover Acha Septriasa since May 2010. Love affair between the two was undeniable though ultimately they both really officially dating.

Do not wait too long, the couple decided to marry young, beginning with the application process to be held on December 8, 2010 at home in South Jakarta Zaskia. After the procession this proposal, they were busy preparing for a wedding that will be held.


Earlier in his career, Zaskia better known as an actress who has played in several soap operas. However, on the grounds that he was more attracted to the world of singing, Zaskia more often rejected an offer to play in the soap opera or television movie. His favorite accomplishment in the world of singing with a vocal group formed a duo with her sister Shireen, called The Sisters. Also had a hit single released by the canopy Miracle of Love

  • COWBOY Cayenne (2010)
  • SERUNI (soap opera) (2010)
  • Already LOVE (2009)
  • THE SISTERS (2008-present) with Shireen Sungkar

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