Build Self Confidence

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Build Self Confidence
There are people who feel a sense of loss of confidence in almost all areas of his life. Could be due to the crisis itself, depression, loss of control, feeling helpless look to the future, etc.. There are people who do not feel confident with what was done. For some of us who have a problem about low self-esteem or feel has lost confidence, maybe you could make the following steps as the process of exercise:

1. Creating a positive self-definition

Steve Chandler said, "The best way to change your belief system is to change the definition of yourselves." How about creating a positive self-definition. Among the ways that we can do are:
  • Creating a positive conclusion about yourself / make a positive opinion about themselves. Positive here means that could encourage or who can build rather than undermine or destroy.
  • Learn to see the positive parts / advantages / strengths that we have
  • Open dialogue with yourself about the positive things we can do, from the smallest and from the start we can do today.
In addition, it needs to do is stop the negative self-opinion that arise, such as I do not have any excess, my life is not precious, I just burden society, and so on. Once we stop, our task is to replace it with a positive, constructive and motivating. This requirement is only the beginning and not enough to build self-confidence.

2. Desire to fight for a positive

Next is to formulate programs / self-improvement agenda. This could take the form for example has a new target that we want to make happen or formulate positive steps we are going to do. Whether it's big or small, the point should be no change or an increase in a more positive direction. The more positive things (targets, goals or desires) that we can make happen, the stronger we are confident. We need to remember that in the end we are just going to be a better way to do something nice for us. Point. Nothing can replace this principle.

3. Troubleshooting positively

Confident can also be strengthened by providing proof to ourselves that we apparently managed to overcome the problem that afflicts us. The more problems we can solve, the stronger confident. Eventually we become people who are not easily embarrassed when faced with problems. Therefore there is a reminder, so we are used to using tactics surrender or defeat, it will be a habit that makes us often problematic.

4. Have a positive basis for the decision.

When read as a whole life of practice, there is no one who is always sure of his ability in dealing with problems or to realize the desire. Mahatma Gandhi class people who just could falter when reality suddenly changed unexpectedly. But, Gandhi had a way that we can emulate: "When I was desperate so I always remember that throughout history, the path to truth and love has always won.

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