Definition of Alternative Education

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Thinking about alternative education stems from criticisms Rowo Mangun the form of education since the enactment of the curriculum in 1974, growing to 1994 curriculum. Alternative education is not meant as a substitute for formal schooling, but look for new materials and methods dedaktik until a new curriculum. According Nunuk Murniati, education should be contextual, must be adapted to the environment. Education for the marginalized too. Where the concept of link and match which was heralded by the New Order government in education only produce capitalist screws made just to suit the needs of workers in the industrial machine.

Alternative words in Indonesian Dictionary, is an option that is a must. So the alternative education can be said of business or process of changing attitudes and code of conduct that makes mandatory for a person or group in human mature through teaching or training. Thus the term alternative education is a generic term that covers a large number of programs or how to empower the students are done differently in the traditional way. In general, various forms of alternative education that have three in common, namely a more individual approach, giving greater attention to students, parents / families, and educators, as well as developed based on interests and experience.

In the process of education, the education situation is a course of events, ie, when the symptoms of the educational process as educators are transferring the values ​​of responsibility to prepare students for life in the community. This requires a conducive and sustainable situation. According to H. Oong Komar, contrary to the situation of the functions of education, there are two runways that a standard human nature that is the basis and foundation of the inner spirit.

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