Do You Know what is a Computer

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Do You Know what is a Computer
These days a lot of technology - advanced technologies emerging, in this era of globalization discovery - the discovery of a tool that can support the needs of humans has been found. Examples such as "computer", this electronic device is not foreign to our ears sound. This electronic instrument invented by Charles Babbage.

Computers are now widely sold in the market, the price is relatively expensive, but an electronic device that is very much in demand by the public because of its usefulness, especially the people of Indonesia. As with the students, teachers or professors, officials, businessmen, and others.

Computer is an electronic device that uses electrical energy to bring it, in which the tool is used to store data. The computer has two important components, namely hardware (Hardware) and software (Software) both components cooperate with each other.

Hardware (Hardware) is made up of several components, of which there are Monitor, PC (Computer Personaling), Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers. Monitor serves as a tool to bring up the images generated by the PC like a television in general, PC (Personaling Computer) is the main function of the computer, in which there is a component - component to process the data in the form of images. PC rectangular and there are cables - cables for connecting to a monitor. In ancient times, the PC are very large, but along with the times, relatively smaller size of the PC.

The keyboard is a component in a computer, where the keyboard is a collection of letters - letters, numbers - numbers and symbols that are used to type a word. On the orders of the keyboard was a program on the computer can run. The keyboard is connected to the PC using the cable.

Mouse serves to designate or move a pointer contained in the visualization of the monitor, the mouse can also run a program in the computer. Mouse shaped like a rat, that's why this tool is called "mouse" which means mouse. There are two buttons on the mouse and the scroll, respectively - each button is used to execute a command. Under the mouse there is a roll, which serves to move the pointer or cursor.

Speaker serves to produce a sound that is generated from the PC, just like other components, speakers also use a cable to connect to a PC. Collection - a collection of tools is exactly what is called the hardware (Hardware). Why is so called, because the tool - the tool can be touched and seen by humans.

In the second component in the computer contained software (Software). Software (Software) is the content of the program contained in the PC, where the software is used to process the data from the command of the hardware. There are a lot of software today. Like one of the famous software in the world which is "Microsoft". Microsoft serves to facilitate programming in the computer. There are many more software - software in the world that I could not mention one by one.

The second important component in the computer will not be able to work if one of them is not functioning properly or not connected to the PC. There is no computer support tools, such as the "printer". The printer is a tool to print a document in the form of text or images on command from the PC. The printer uses ink and paper to print a document. These devices are also connected to the PC and also using electricity.

In addition there are also Internet printer in the computer, the Internet is a network, where one can find all sorts of information with just sitting somewhere with internet access. Internet is also used to communicate from one computer to another, be it in the form of images, sounds or images and sounds. The use of the Internet has been widely used at this time, people call it the virtual world.

Computer does not get out of their role by today's society, so there are positive and negative impacts. Such as the positive impact of computers is work - the work to be quickly and easily with a computer, for example the use of computers in hospitals, banks, shopping and more. But besides that, there is the negative impact caused by the computer, which is like a lot of people who use computers to play games and open sites - porn sites on the internet which of course can damage the morale of the nation.

Thus the essay on "computer" that I made this, I realized there are still many shortcomings - shortcomings in the making of this essay, therefore constructive criticism I need to be able to make a better essay again in the future. Hopefully what I write will be useful for many people, especially for me personally.

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